The idea for this project blossomed while Kim A. Bard, Marcia Smith Pasqualini and Lisa Parr attended the conference, ‘Feelings and Emotions: The Amsterdam Symposium’, in May of 2001. With the considerable support of Paul Ekman and Frans de Waal as independent referees, we were successful in obtaining financial support from The Leverhulme Trust.

In 2002, Sarah-Jane Vick and Bridget Waller began the process of developing ChimpFACS. Along the way, we received warm and essential support from Paul Ekman, Susanne Kaiser, and Harriet Oster. The anatomical basis for ChimpFACS was made possible by enthusiastic collaborations with Anne Burrows, Andrew Fuglevand and Katalin Gothard , and the Yerkes National Primate Center. The essential images of chimpanzee faces were collected with the generous assistance of Chester Zoo, Samuel Fernandez-Carriba and William D. Hopkins (the Yerkes National Primate Research Center of Emory University, and the Madrid Zoo), Charles Menzel (Language Research Center of Georgia State University) and The Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University.

In March 2005, with the support of the Centre for the Study of Emotion, and Vasudevi Reddy, Head of Department of Psychology, we held an international conference and workshop to display our accomplishments. Special thanks to Anne Pusey and The Jane Goodall Institute for use of videoarchives of the Gombe Stream chimpanzees.

In April 2006, with the invaluable assistance of Paul Marshman and the Department of Psychology at Portsmouth, we disseminate the ChimpFACS via this website.

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