In March 2005, we held a Leverhulme Trust funded workshop at The University of Portsmouth to disseminate the initial progress of the ChimpFACS project (click to view programme). We invited international scholars to hear about this new tool for studying chimpanzee facial expression, and present their work on other aspects of primate communication and cognition. The conference was a huge success and we are grateful to all who attended!

From l to r– Francine Dolins, Josep Call, Debbie Custance, Harriet Oster, Lisa Lane, Lisa Parr, Kirsty Brown, Marc Mehu, Augusta Gaspar. Kim Bard, Vasu Reddy, Gwenda Simons, Issy Scott, Fillipo Aureli, Emily Bethell, Suzanne Kaiser, Charlie Menzel, Bridget Waller, Marcia Smith Pasqualini and Sarah-Jane Vick.

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